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All balloons can be delivered for FREE in Portishead. If you are outside of this area, please contact to discuss further. Alternatively, they can be collected from me in the Village Quarter.

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Welcome to Balloontastic, the one-stop shop for all of your balloon needs. We pride ourselves in offering our customers with all types of balloons for many...

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We offer a wide range of balloons in different sizes and arrangements. Talk to us about your balloon needs today, as there is no event too small or too big...

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Bubble Balloon

Bubble Balloon with any colour of small balloons inside. Message added to the outside, ribbons and a bow or small clusters of balloons to finish.


34" Helium Filled Numbers or Letters

34" Number or Letter, helium filled. Message/name added with ribbons and bow or cluster of small balloons to finish it off. £12 each number, double digits will be stuck together to allow them to float/stay together.


Bubble Balloon with Lights

A bubble balloon with small balloons inside, battery operated lights around the edge and used as the tail with the battery pack disguised in a base made from balloons. Message added to balloon.


Bubble Balloon with Small Balloons and Confetti

Bubble balloon with any colour of small balloons inside & confetti. Message added to the outside, ribbons and a bow or small balloons to finish. 


Bubble Balloon with Character Small Balloons inside

Bubble balloon with character balloons inside. Message added to the outside, hanging small balloons down to compiment or ribbons and a bow.

Characters: Minnie, Mickey, Toy Story, Star Wars, Princesses, Frozen, Avengers, Spiderman


Baby Gender Reveal Balloons

Black 2ft Latex balloon, filled with confetti and small balloons. Any personalised message can be added to the front.


Balloon Displays

5.5ft Number 1 Frame with Balloons

Using this 5.5ft high number 1 frame, it will be organically filled with balloons to match your party. Personalised balloons can also be added. From £100 taken to a local event and collected again. Other options available.


Tower with Foil balloon and message

Tower of balloons with a foil star or heart (any colour) and message added. Either 3 latex balloons or 2 latex and small balloons added.


Elf on the Shelf - Star Tower

Tower made from festive colour balloons, star at the top with message and name(s) added. Put your Elf on ready to go (Elf can be supplied if requested)


Elf on the Shelf - Hoop

Hanging hoop with festive colour balloons added. Star with message and name(s) added. Just sit your Elf on, ready to go. (Elf supplied if requested)


Elf on the Shelf - Inside Balloon

Pop the Balloon to let it out! Elf inside a clear balloon with festive coloured balloons added. Star at the top with message and name(s) Your existing Elf can be put in for it's return or a genuine elf can be supplied by me + £5


Elf on the Shelf Bubble Balloon

Clear helium filled bubble balloon, with small festive colour balloons inside. Personalised message to the outside.


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This message send's me a email, I will respond asap about all things Balloons. Thanks Kellie
If it's urgent i.e something for today, please Phone me 01275 562324 or Text/Whatsapp me 07545828495

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Please note that Balloontastic Portishead may not be able to honour booking requests made.

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